Elementary Statistics: A Step by Step Approach

In this tenth article in the LabCoat Guide to BioStatistics series, intended as a basic refresher for scientists and technicians, we learn about Descriptive Statistics: SD, SE and 95%CI. Once we have identified possible outliers (due to biological variance or experimental malfunction) and eliminated them as appropriate (see previous article), we are ready to continue the critical evaluation of our experimental data in the form of Descriptive Statistics. Descriptive Statistics are used to describe the basic features of our experimental data and, together with graphical representations, can provide simple summaries about the Variability, Means, and Significance of our data. https://bit.ly/3FbFmFX #statistics #biostatistics #experimentalresearch #cropprotection #bioscience #GuideToEssentialBiostatistics #Experimentaldesign
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